The Journal of the European Honors Council has published two full issues:

Journal of the European Honors Council 2017 (volume 1) - Issue 2.
Special issue: Honors communities

The second issue of the Journal is devoted to papers and notes related to presentations at the International Honors Conference at Windesheim UAS, the Netherlands, in June 2017.

The conference theme was Honors Communities.

The complete issue can now be downloaded.

  1. An introduction to the special issue: Honors Communities, by Lineke Stobbe, Maarten Hogenstijn. Note, published 29 December 2017
  2. Interdisciplinary Learning: A Strategy of Chinese Honors Education for providing depth and scale of learning, by YE Jing-jia, QIU Li-min, TANG Xiao-wu. Note, published 20 October 2017
  3. Designing an Honors Peer Advising Center, by Amber Zoe Smith. Note, published 18 October 2017
  4. Value Creators: an innovative learning environment to shape the future together and find glocal soulutions to the challenges ahead, by Maria Garcia Alvarez, Liesbeth Rijsdijk. Note, published 18 October 2017
  5. The honours learning environment of Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, by Tineke Kingma, Karien Dommerholt, Liesbeth Rijsdijk. Paper, published 30 October 2017
  6. Which factors play a role in the development of honours students to become professional leaders?, by Arie Kool. Note, published 28 October 2017
  7. Teaching clinical reasoning and decision-making skills by visualizing the thought-process: an interdisciplinary gaming project involving honours students from veterinary and computing sciences, by Andrea A. G. Laumen, Milou van Velzen, Ivan Veul, Ineke Lam, Wolfgang O. Hürst, Yvonne R. A. van Zeeland. Note, published 7 November 2017
  8. Honors programs as forerunner for 21st century skills?, by Pierre van Eijl, Ton Peeters, Henmar Moesker, Annemie Dillen, Albert Pilot, Stan van Ginkel. Paper, published 29 December 2017

Journal of the European Honors Council 2017 (volume 1) - Issue 1.

The inaugural issue of the Journal is devoted to papers and notes related to presentations at the International Honors Conference in Utrecht, the Netherlands, in June 2016.

The complete issue can now be downloaded.
The first issue contains the following papers and notes:

  1. Introducing the Journal of the European Honors Council, by Marca Wolfensberger, Astrid Fritz and Maarten Hogenstijn. Note, published 5 May 2017
  2. An introduction to the first issue of the JEHC: Honors Futures, by Albert Pilot, Pierre van Eijl, Annelies Riteco, Marca Wolfensberger, Astrid Fritz, Maarten Hogenstijn. Note, published 5 May 2017
  3. Identifying a Culture of Excellence, by Bouke van Gorp, Nelleke de Jong, Elanor Kamans, Svenja Buttner. Note, published 12 April 2017
  4. The Tuition Pentagon: students choose an option within a course which matches their motivation, competence and ambition, by Michiel van der Ven, Martin de Boer, Jonathan Marty. Note, published 2 May 2017
  5. Honors education in France - preliminary research results, by David Ollivier de Leth & Maarten Hogenstijn. Note, published 17 April 2017
  6. Dealing with diversity - An honors program for students of teacher training starting in Muenster, by Christian Fischer, Julia Gilhaus, David Rott, Vivian van Gerven. Paper, published 19 April 2017
  7. Different views on assuring the quality of honours programmes, by Pierre van Eijl, Henmar Moesker, Marleen Eyckmans. Paper, published 18 April 2017
  8. Discussion Facilitation Techniques for Honors Peer Educators, by Amber Zoe Smith. Note, published 28 April 2017
  9. Promoting talent development in honours: The Honours Experience, by Pierre van Eijl, Albert Pilot, Vincent Gelink, Ninib Dibo. Paper, published 25 April 2017
  10. Honours Graduation Day; Measuring Success of Recruitment and Awareness of the Honours Star Programme, by Dorine Tamis & Erik Puik. Note, published 21 April 2017
  11. Honours and (re)design of the curriculum: How to bridge the gap between honours and bachelor programmes, by Annelies Riteco, Irene de Kleyn, Nicolle Lamerichs. Paper, published 9 May 2017
  12. Relating secondary school to higher education honours programmes, by Ton van der Valk, Cecile Kleijer, Berenice Michels. Note, published 27 April 2017
  13. Gifted and talented students' academic performance and choices at TU Delft, by Joanna Daudt. Note, published 9 May 2017
  14. Glocality: a second international life for excellent work, by Maria Garcia Alvarez. Note, published 2 May 2017
  15. Utrecht Law College (ULC): Preparing Students for the Future, by Otto Spijkers, Alexander Collot d'Escury, Katrien Zetsma. Note, published 4 May 2017
  16. Honors education in Spain - preliminary research findings, by Anouska Jaspersen, Jan-Douwe Krist, Joost Pennings, Maarten Hogenstijn. Note, published 8 May 2017
  17. Research, education and clinical practice: an example of a learning community in the field of Speech and Language Therapy, by Eline Alons, Manon van Daatselaar, Dorien Preuter, Kim van der Zalm, Lizet van Ewijk. Note, published 12 May 2017
  18. Tracing transforming honors tracks - Arts and sciences beyond borders, by Peter Sonderen & Jur Koksma. Paper, published 12 May 2017.

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