Call for Creativity
Honors education is maybe most effective when we have our students as close as possible: we celebrate community and like direct contact. In this Corona-time we might experience too much distance between students and ourselves. And at the same time: all of us will be creative to shorten this distance, to find ways of binding and bonding, and to (re)connect with our students. Online, in real life at a safe distance, and also: students among each other. So we wonder: how are all our honors colleagues doing this? What is your approach in getting into and keeping contact with students and still doing honors things? How do you stay connected?
That’s why we launch this Call for Creativity in which we ask you to show us how you work in these circumstances through video.

How it works
We have created a European Honors Council YouTube account to gather the videos.
Send or WeTransfer your clip to We will put the videos on our YouTube channel. In addition, we will create a space on our website where we link to videos. See

Aspects of successful video clips
Basics for a good video clip:

  1. Keep relating your language to honors education in digital times and how your idea or action relates to that;
  2. Keep your message short and to-the-point: length max. 3-4 minutes (try for yourself when you get bored);
  3. Explain just one subject in your clip: it may have several details or ‘aspects’, but make sure these are clear;
  4. Different ‘aspects’ of your message could also partition your clip in shorter sequences;
  5. Spoken word should be as clear as possible, use short and simple sentences;
  6. Keywords can be shown in the clip, they may help to underline the message, but too much text distracts (we cannot multi-task!)


Stay healthy! The European Honors Council
Download this Call for Creativity