Since opening for membership in June 2016, the EHC works with an acting board which consists of the ten people who have been preparing the setting up of the EHC as steering group members in the year before.
The board members are 'acting', as the process for elections of officials in the EHC still has to be finalized.

The current acting board members are:

image Dr. Marca Wolfensberger, President. Lector (professor) Talent Development in Higher Education and Society at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, honors coordinator at Utrecht University (Netherlands)
image Ron Weerheijm, Arch, Financial affairs and Commissioner Education. Program manager Honours, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)
image Dr. Marleen Eyckmans, Membership Affairs. Honors program coordinator University of Antwerp (Belgium)
image Prof. Christian Fischer, Commissioner Education. Internationales Centrum für Begabungsforschung (ICBF), Münster (Germany)
image Dr. Astrid Fritz, Commissioner Research and International Affairs. Researcher at Austrian Research and Support Centre for the Gifted and Talented (ÖZBF)
image Drs. Pieter Veenstra, Commissioner Student Affairs. Program manager Hanze Honours College, Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)
image Vivian van Gerven, Commissioner Student Affairs. Internationales Centrum für Begabungsforschung (ICBF), Münster (Germany)
image Prof. Nils O. Andersen, Commissioner International Affairs. University of Copenhagen (Denmark), in connection with the Nordic Talent Network, uniting talent development initiatives in the Nordic countries
picture follows Prof. Victor Müller-Oppliger, Commissioner Education. Paedagogische Hochschule FHNW and European Talent Centre Switzerland
image Dr. Maarten Hogenstijn, Secretary (internal and external communication). project leader Honors in Europe at Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)


EHC Acting Board, June 2016.
Left to right: Astrid Fritz, Christian Fischer, Ron Weerheijm, Pieter Veenstra, Marca Wolfensberger, Nils O. Andersen, Marleen Eyckmans, Maarten Hogenstijn. Not on picture: Vivian van Gerven, Victor Müller-Oppliger